The Love That Remains

by Lungless

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released March 24, 2017

Michael Griffin - Bass/Vocals
Nick Perovic - Guitars/Vocals
Greg Willhelm - Guitars
Ryan Claxton - Drums

Additional Vocals by Todd Barriage

Produced/Engineered/Mixed/Mastered by Todd Barriage/Borland Studio (

Artwork by Jake Carruthers



all rights reserved


Lungless Pickering, Ontario

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Track Name: To the Part of Me I'm Missing
A part of me I'm missing.
Wishing I could just wake up from this never ending dream.
I saw it pass, I felt it leave.
I leaned to cope.
I felt the silence and the pain.
Like an earthquake shifting my bones.
I see the poison reaching your lips.
Altering the one thing I can’t protect.
Possession without an oath.
I’ve just been trying to give you a home.
I’ve lost what I fear the most.
Countless nights, I waited and watched the stars.
Wondering where you are.
I can’t.
I’m afraid that I won’t fall asleep, from the thoughts that I have lost. Even though I never thought at all.
I’m afraid.
Scared to death.
Rid me of the bitterness left on my tongue.
Rid me.
Is this fucking easy?
I’m shaking at the possibilities.
My heart drops and I’m breathless.
I’m a mess, but where are you?
I’m just here dying to give you a home.
You’ve made your mark and left a hole.
You stood there with the power to consume my world.
You’ve made your mark.
Cut in my skin.
I’m trying to cope with the loss of something I can’t forget.
I won’t forget.
You became my moon.
Illuminating the darkest parts of my life.
We became the sun.
Lighting up our world, but you’re so far from home.
Track Name: Near Shore
I feel the void returning.
Alone again in the darkest place I know.
Sitting trapped in the back of my mind.
Thoughts racing.
Palms sweating.
I’d rather feel nothing, then have to live through this hell.
Losing the ghost that I need to be whole.
Remembering what I felt this time a year ago.
It’s on the near shore.
My ghost keeps trying to find its way back home.
But I’ll embrace it.
l’ll rot my insides.
Just to prove that this is fucking real.
Just end this.
Are you even here?
Whispering in the wind?
“Find me, save me.”
My ghost, are you here?
Whispering in the wind?
“Leave me, save you from myself.”
My ghost, where have you been?
Looking for your shell.
Are you listening to the silence?
Are you listening at all?
I can see that the void is staying.
Shall we count the times that I’ve kept you afloat?
While we stood on this sinking ship.
I’m stuck in this coma.
Checked my pulse.
Not alive nor dead.
Please just end this.
Leave me.
Save yourself.
Save me.
Track Name: The One and Only
Long dark hair breaks the mould.
I can almost feel it.
Spellbound by those eyes.
I can almost see it.
Run those fingers down the back of my spine, and burn the image in the back of my mind.
Of you and I.
Sat and watched from a far.
Does it make you want it?
Tempted by all the lies.
I can almost taste it.
Can’t break this.
Denial disguised as affection.
Take a breath and count your kills.
But does it mean a thing?
Take a chance and break the mould.
Cause I’m holding onto nothing.
Take a drink and think this through.
It doesn’t mean a thing.
Take your life and start again.
‘Cause nothing will…
An inner state of happiness that isn’t attainable.
An inner state of confidence that holds no weight.
A face in the mirror that isn’t relatable.
But still I ask why?
The world doesn’t owe me a goddamn thing.
‘Cause nothing will stick.
It doesn’t own me.
It won’t control me.
This is all in my hands but I’m stuck in my head.
Karma, deal your deck.
Foot stuck on the brakes.
I should of pounded (pound it) the gas to the floor.
Track Name: Unwitched
The way those eyes look at me, from beyond the fire.
So many lies spoken.
Please just shut up.
Drink up girl.
You've lost your way again.
If I stop for a second, the thoughts just keep coming back.
Left all alone, you chose to sink your lips onto the skin of someone else. And I have coated my lungs in tar just to stop these tremors.
You changed your words faster then the leaves lose their colour.
Does this even affect you?
Do you even feel the pain?
Hide your head and watch as the fire consumes you.
Burn down our walls and grind these organs to dust.
I am less of a man.
After everything I’ve done.
I want to see you grow.
I want to see you glow.
But you took everything from me.
Were you telling the truth?
Or just building me up?
Toxic heart.
Purge and beg.
Hide this tragedy in your life behind someone else.
Bury your name in the back of my mind.
Forget your face behind every lie you’ve said.
Drag me through the dirt one more time.
Did this even affect you?
Did you even feel a loss?
Remember my name when your demons come back to haunt you.
Burn down your walls and stoke the fire with lies.
I am less of a man.
You are a witch and I hope you burn at the stake.
Track Name: Beauty In Death
Let me try to explain, that no amount of positivity can help these wounds heal.
I hate the reflection I see and that I sound like a broken record.
But I can't escape the need to repeat myself.
Maybe it's a cry for help.
But I'm trying to love myself, but I see every flaw.
I forgot how fucking pathetic I really am.
But I can't seem to escape that thought.
I feel worthless.
I've saved a life.
I wear the scar on my skin.
Father, are you proud of what your son has become?
After all that you've done for me.
The gift could not out weigh what I have received.
My dearest, are you happy with the choices you’ve made?
I live with the aftershocks.
A ghost haunting me.
An image taunting me.
I hate how this controls me.
I feel worthless.
Life has thrown me a rope.
Do I climb or tie a knot?
Do I climb or do I rot?